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On the occasion of the first Gavi for Arts edition, the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi and the CeSTIT (Centre for Tourism Studies) of the University of Bergamo presented the first Wine Food and Arts National Report. After observing 219 projects: 96 Wine wineries, 5 Wine consortia, 43 non-wine-making food companies, 5 non-wine-related food consortia, 70 other realities as well as 48 public and institutional Food and Wine Museums, it has emerged that investing in art pays back.
For instance, wineries investing in a new packaging or in an artistic label designed perceive an increase in sales (up to 40%) and greater corporate visibility (up to 60%), which reaches 92% if they invest in cultural productions/performing arts and multidisciplinary events; companies that have invested in restoration projects and the enhancement of the cultural heritage obtain up to 100% more corporate visibility and in terms of relationships with the local community.
These are just some of the numbers for this first-time mapping that highlights how associating art and culture with the agri-food and wine sectors can be a successful investment.

2016 Edition

On July 5th 2016 Paul Balke, Dutch author and writer transplanted in Piedmont, accompanied some foreign journalists to get to know the Gavi Docg designation.

Six journalists participated in the press tour, including editors and wine bloggers from Russia, Germany, England, Israel and Poland: Pawel Mayorov, Blogger for vinoitaliano.ru, Thomas Golenia, Chief Editor of the Captain Cork magazine www.captaincork.com Felix Bodmann, journalist and blogger, www.webweinschule.de Stephen Quinn, Yair Koren Goldblum and — last but not least — Sebastian Bazylak on behalf of winicjatywa.pl.

At Acqui Terme, on May 22th 2016, before an audience of sommeliers and tasters, the Types, the Terroir, the Matches and the Stories of Gavi were presented.
This meeting with professional figures that in turn communicate the wine to consumers is aimed at deepening the knowledge of the Great White of Piedmont and its territory through educational workshops and professional tastings.
ivi e degustazioni professionali.

With "Piemonte, Buone Storie di Qualità” (Piedmont, positive stories of quality), the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi has aligned itself to the indications of the Rural Development Plan 2014 - 2020, proposing a "joint and regional project for the enhancement of food and wine tourism".
The Great White of Piedmont has been showcased during some 2016 events in conjunction with some DOP food and wine products from Piedmont that are rooted in the cultural heritage of the region: the Robiola di Roccaverano cheese, produced in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, the Crudo di Cuneo ham, the Tinca Gobba Dorata del Pianalto di Poirino (golden hump tench) produced in the Province of Turin, and the Riso di Baraggia Biellese e Vercellese rice from the provinces of Biella and Vercelli.
Through this project, the Consortium shares its knowledge and opportunities to give visibility to an entire agricultural sector, putting the Piedmontese food chains, history and tradition at the centre.

On October 10th 2015, the fourth series of Poste Italiane stamps dedicated to the Docg and Italian wine excellence was released, including one stamp dedicated to the Great White of Piedmont.
On such occasion, the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi organized the initiative Saluti Da Gavi, involving families, children and representatives of the Gavi area institutions. With 300 postcards sent by more than 400 people gathered at the Gavi Municipality, the new stamp became a real cultural carrier of the local heritage: as from today, an iconic “pill” of the Gavi travels around the world portraying the vineyards of Cortese and the Fort of Gavi inundated by the sunshine of such a hospitable land.

The Consortium has agreed with the Italian Post Office to create a collectible stamp folder containing two postcards and a stamp that companies will be able to use for promotional purposes.

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