In the homeland of the Gavi DOCG, the Apennines close up on the horizon, and the vineyards alternate with woods and streams. Here, tourism is slow: fishing in the Scrivia, Lemme and Orba streams, hiking or horseback riding, trekking and mountain biking in Val Borbera and Val Lemme.

Green tourism lovers can explore the Parco delle Capanne in Marcarolo or the Lakes of the Gorzente and Lavagnina.


The vast plateau of Marcarolo is located in the mountain area of the Ligurian and Piedmontese Apennines, in the southermost point of the province of Alessandria, which from the geological point of view corresponds to the so-called "Voltri Group” complex. The area of the park - founded in 1979 - is dominated by the pyramid-shape massif of Monte Tobbio overlooking the Gulf of Liguria, less than ten kilometres away as the crow flies. The area is of particular interest due to the abundance of waterways and wetlands.


In the Parco delle Capanne di Marcarolo, the Gorzente stream shapes a narrow valley, with blue and emerald green lakes from which polished rocks emerge. The water forms small waterfalls, and along the edges of the larger lakes there are shingle beaches that are often shaded by small willows. This is the area of Guado, located at the junction between the Gorzente stream and the provincial road 165.


Lavagnina artificial lakes rise from the artificial reservoir of the Gorzente stream, built for supplying water to the city of Genoa. It is possible to reach the lakes following the natural trail of the Lakes of Lavagnina (SNL), which starting from the dam of the Inferiore Lake, reaches the Superiore Lake, which is underground, where one can admire the fantastic dam transformed into a waterfall. The scenery of the Lavagnina Lakes is gorgeous in any season, however in summer it offers the perfect environment to escape from the scorching heat and to relax between the scent of the metallic rocks and the deafening and hypnotic chirping of the crickets.


A natural architecture, a magical place that is testament to the processes that have shaped our planet: the Geosite of Carrosio provides one of the most significant examples in Italy where history becomes a landscape monument. On the left side of the municipal road that connects Gavi with Voltaggio, in the territory of the Municipality of Carrosio, it is possible to admire the geological and geomorphic limit between the Paleocene and Neocene eras in the rock stratification.

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