Native yeasts

Since the 2005 vintage, the Consortium has launched the Selection project for native yeasts, in collaboration with the Italian Biotechnology Laboratory - Enartis, to increase the production value of the Gavi DOCG.
The project was focused on the grape yeasts in organic and traditional vineyards, with the selection of those that can best enhance the Cortese features. In 2015 the grapes were picked up in each vineyard included in the project (9 total vineyards: 3 conventional vineyards and 6 organic vineyards) and delivered to the Enartis Laboratory that will be responsible for the isolation and storage of yeast strains from fermenting musts, the molecular and biological characterization of isolated strains, the oenological tests (fermentation power, volatile acidity content, SO2 and glycerol) and the comparison with dry commercial yeasts.

For the 2016 vintage, two different strains of native yeast have been introduced for the first time and tested by a number of wineries bearing the Gavi designation: the CTdG12 and CTdG07 Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains, coming from samples that were taken last year and prepared with the contribution of Enartis. As soon as the wines are available we will proceed to a technical test and tasting in order to verify their compliance with these yeasts.

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