The History

The Consortium has a 40-year history of commitment, passion and quality:


The Consorzio Tutela del Gavi is founded


The clonal selection project begins. In collaboration with the CNR of Turin, the best Cortese grapes are selected from the vineyards under the designation.


The Consortium is the first in Italy to carry out systematic verification of the vineyards belonging to the Designation from a land registry and ampelographic perspective.
Inspections and aerial photographs of the area certify that the vineyards contain only Cortese vine shoots for the production of Gavi in its pure form.


The Consortium prepares a detailed analysis of the area through mapping, gradient, altitude and exposure charts to provide producers with a scientific “map" to better assess the suitability of individual plots.


The GAVI972 Project for the promotionof the area is created ( and makes its mark on social media.

With the Ministry of Agriculture's recognition, the Consortium carries out erga omnes activities for the entire Gavi DOCG supply chain


The DOC celebrates its first 40 years (with an Anniversary label); one of the greatest Italian fine wines reaches maturity. In the year of the 40th anniversary of GAVI DOC, the Consortium introduced the Gavi Laboratory, created to promote 'good practices' in the international valorisation of Italian food and wine supply chains, which combine production with history, culture and the surroundings of their own areas.

The Gavi Laboratory is a way for a small number of professionals from different disciplines to meet and draw up strategies and new initiatives, in discussions with key players from the Press and Communications industry.
From the Gavi Laboratory came the Buona Italia Gavi Award, awarded each year to the Italian company that best performs the 10 rules of La Buona Italia.

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