The Fortress of Gavi

The journey to the lands of Gavi starts from the top, the Fortress of Gavi, a testament to the strategic location of the place.
Built in different stages starting from the XII century, it was first a castle, then a fortress, and it could host a garrison of 1,000 men defending the Cortese lands.
As defensive stronghold of the northern border of the Republic of Genoa, Gavi and its Castle had to fight against numerous sieges. For such reason, given the devastating power of new firearms, in 1540 Genoa entrusted architect Giovanni M. Olgiati with the task of consolidating the medieval structure by transforming it into a fort.
However, the new structure did not hold out against the siege of the French and Savoy army of Charles Emmanuel I in 1625.
Therefore, the city of Genoa charged architect Vincenzo da Fiorenzuola with the task of transforming it into the mighty Fortress that can be still admired today. Gavi was therefore surrounded by solid walls coming down from the Fort.

Today, from its ramparts one can see the Apennines, breathe the sea breeze, admire the vineyards, the woods and water stretches, enjoy slow and green tourism with arts and culture, nature and beautiful sceneries, sports and luxury, including luxury shopping, and relax in the vine rows of the Great White of Piedmont.

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