Golden flavescence


Since 2012, the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi has been a coordinator of the Flavescenza Dorata project, involving producers (wine growers and hobbyists, organic and traditional vineyards), local institutions, the OOPPAA, the Province of Alessandria and the Piedmont Region.

The vineyards involved in the project are progressively increasing, with a total of 1,200 traps positioned to monitor the insect vector of golden flavescence (scafoideus titanus) and 7,800 plants monitored for the regional survey, including 35 vineyards, 840 traps and 5,250 plants directly monitored by the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi.

The project provides for the monitoring of vineyards in the month of June in order to identify the presence of young vector insects, and the subsequent placement of colour-tactical traps by the end of October, that have to be replaced fortnightly to monitor the presence of adult insects.

Identifying young forms is key in order to know the development phase of the vector insect and it is necessary to protect the plants from the disease, especially in the context of organic farming; thanks to the reading of the colour-tactical traps by the technicians, together with the wine-makers taking part in the initiative, the most appropriate times for compulsory treatment with traditional insecticides are established from time to time by informing all the companies in the area about the times and ways of intervention, paying special attention also to the honey industry operators.
In addition, some uncultivated areas have been identified as a potential source of inoculation for the disease.

In August, the Consortium organizes the "Flavescence Day" dedicated to wine-growing farmers: a long visit to a Gavi vineyard, to learn how to recognise plants affected by golden flavescence and/or “esca” disease (grapevine black measles), and to compare the symptoms and the various manifestations of both diseases.

The numerous farmers learn how to distinguish between the different symptoms and stages of the two diseases and, above all, how to identify and manage diseased plants and implement the necessary grape-growing techniques and good practices, by eliminating diseased plants and positioning colour-tactical traps for detecting the insect vector of golden flavescence, especially in view of the timely and reasonable management of insecticide treatments that every company is obliged carry out.

The Consortium sees to raising awareness about the territory and to presenting, by means of a public debate in April, the progress of the project to the stakeholders in the territory; moreover, during the wine-growing season, regular technical communications are published and posters/leaflets are posted in public places, providing information on strategies, times and ways of fighting the disease.

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