Vintage Commentary


Mild and dry winter, the season has not been too hot except in late summer, with only one snowfall in March; end of April with minimum temperatures close to zero, providencial rain on 15-16/9; offset vintage (as already anticipated during flowering), good productivity (higher than in 2015) and good alcohol levels.

With an almost non-existent winter, January and February have been dry and mild for the season, carrying forward the negative features of the previous vintage; it has snowed only in the first week of March without causing much of a change and April has been mainly mild, although towards the end of the month it has given us the chills, reaching minimum temperatures close to zero degrees (in some areas of Piedmont, but especially in France, there has been serious frost).
May has been the only "rainy" month; sprouting has been normal sprouting, and already at the beginning it was showing a good general fertility and normal growth levels for the shoots, with fewer initial damages caused by the wind and a slower but more consistent growth.
June has followed as fairly fresh, marking the beginning of the flowering around the early days of the month, with much offsetting between the different areas (from 3 to 10/6) which has also been true for the grape harvest.
From the crop health point of view, the various expected rains bearing a risk of grape mildew have never arrived, whilst vines have been especially protected against oidium due to the windy and wet weather even in the late season.
The summer has generally been less hot than in 2015; only towards the end of August and in the first ten days of September the heat has been really scorching, with the youngest vineyards beginning to show lack of water and not putting forth any new vegetation. The weather in September has continued to be nice, with cool temperatures in the morning (around 10° C) that have made the grapes even more concentrated. The quite low minimum temperatures have proven very useful during the whole season, likewise the rains of September 15th and 16th have been key, allowing the plants to recover and the grapes to gain back weight and quality balance, with a good sugary gradient and acid content that have stayed within the correct levels, and with the old vineyards and those on the fresher slopes suffering the least.
Harvests have began around September 19th, however many have been slowed down or delayed to the 26th due to the fact that the rains in the previous week have been followed by low temperatures with darker days and a slowing down of the ripening.

© Davide Ferrarese

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