The Atomizer Functional Adjustment Project has been developed by the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi in collaboration with Cadir Lab of Quargnento (AL). It stems from the need to identify a standard and some general guidelines for a targeted management of vineyard treatments, while ensuring the utmost respect for the environment and apiculture.
It is a "practical sustainability project" to show wine-makers what's happening in the vineyard by comparing single row and alternate row treatment, the use of the wrap-around diffuser, and the influence of lopping in the distribution.
In addition, thanks to the participation of the manufacturers, one can see the Vma - SV5 model industrial machine and the trailed machine/Tav series (Dragone) in action, which can also be used with anti-drift nozzles (Abbà)

The first vineyard tests begin in early May, by positioning hydrosensitive paper at different heights in the foliage of the treated row, as well as in the furthest rows, such as the ones on the ground, in order to test the drifting of the product.

The activity continues in June and July with the vineyard Open Day, during which data are gathered and subsequently processed.

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